Bitcoin Vending Machine

Hi everyone!
I started this project about a few months ago.
I now have a working software as you can see in the video (improvement is still needed but it's functional) with a nice user interface. The UI is responsive so it can be used with different types/sizes of touchscreens. I am running the prototype on a Raspberry Pi and I am thinking about using the GPIO pins to communicate with the hardware (can-snack dispenser).

Right now I would need tips on the hardware part as I am more a software guy and I don't know much about hardware engineering. Though, any input/feedback is appreciated of course :)


  • autisticmelonautisticmelon Posts: 13

    While i do not understand much about technology such as this one, as an idea it is something that i have personally never seen.

    Some features that i would like to see, would be that you could have something on the purchase screen to choose the quantity of product to purchase. Maybe showing currency exchange rate as well as, that the machine is using for transactions.

  • merc1ermerc1er Posts: 43 admin

    Update: the machine will be shipped hopefully by the end of the year.

    More information at :)

  • reqiumreqium Posts: 1

    It's great as a tech titbit, but I cannot imagine anyone using it day-to-day. :P

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