How is it profitable?

I've been researching mining, costs and income. I don't see how anyone is making any profit unless their power cost is nearly zero. The best rigs out there, exceptional transaction rates and modest power costs do not bring a net positve. So, with a super bear market and depressed coin values your sole net positive is the experience and bragging rights, etc. Unless I've missed something. I used the calculator on Cryptocompare with for example Antminer and other rigs claiming the best hash rates and it always comes back with a negative return. I didn't research all the coins, just most of them they have listed. I was excited at first because I was using max hash rate for the wrong processing power for specific coins. Plug in Antminer's 20 TH/s for bitcoin into calcs for Litecoin or Dash and pick your mouth off the floor. Until I realized the rates change drastically when you use the correct rates for a specific coin rig. I nearly peed myself at first from being too excited, a noob reaction I admit. Any opinions?


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    Mining BCH with an old Antminer S9i at $0.05 per kW per hour:

    EDIT: profit is $650 / year with 2% pool fee.
    Link to real-time calculator here.

  • well, mining is not profitable and never will be. the chinese are only in it for the money laundering aspects.

  • Good remark from merc1er, rubbish from paulh691.

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